numbers and coordinates

by sailboat thief

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songs from fall & winter
written and recorded in my room in late 2015 / early 2016
art made in jaxodraw :~)


released February 22, 2016




sailboat thief Los Angeles, California

8/19 - Oakland, CA
8/21 - Portland, OR

sailboatthief at gmail

currently available content not representative of ongoing or impending endeavors

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Track Name: saturdays
summer wind's a saturday
all our years spent wide awake
seventeen just takes away
but i'll be fine

summer wind blew in our garden state
coming up in cold worlds i try dying
you said it takes a while
it takes a while to get right

i felt you all at once
i feel like everything all at once
your hands are somewhere near and far
i swear i'm not myself when you're around

our former selves passing
your vacant stare holding
the hallway length contracting
let me in
Track Name: I dreamed I love you
i feel raw and bitter
you feel cold as winter
we speak through see-through walls
take forever to say nothing at all

i feel hated and i don't blame you
i am years of layered paper
to seal old wounds that refuse to close

hold me close / make me small
keep me safe / say you care
let me hate and tear it all apart

forget to speak / remember to breathe
lose weeks of sleep always waking up

i feel lost and lonely
like i left my body somewhere strange
and i'm digging deep for reasons to go outside
and not feel their stares skin me alive
Track Name: and after that dream I nvr want to be a hermit
(title credit goes to a v sleepy aadil)

we sat across an endless hallway
i timed my stares so you wouldn’t notice
said some things that came out weird
but i’m hoping you'd still want me here

maybe by may
i won’t want to die every day
i’ll know what to say
we’ll all be okay
and i’ll stop crying
to songs about leaving
Track Name: let's get tired! (someone still loves you boris yeltsin)
*written by someone still loves you boris yeltsin*

we don't feel like working on a single thing all day long
we just feel like sleeping in and eating in and staying home

can't get worked up about anything
we could plan things out but we'll be tired of each other so soon

we got bored so we'd do drugs and waited for things happen now
sometimes it feels nice to give up
break her up break up her now

couldn't get worked up about anything
we could plan things out but we'll get tired of each other so soon

sometimes it feels nice to give up
give you up give up you now